Susan Drysdale, PhD

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When I first encountered Susan, it was on a frantic day in May.

When I contacted Susan, I was fortunate to speak to her personally. I was under enormous stress, very anxious, and depressed. I remember crying, blurting out, probably being incoherent at times. I was a mess.

Susan was warm, receptive, caring, and reassuring.I knew right away, that help was on the way, offering me much time to express my feelings.

Since that time, I have had several visits with Susan. Each time uncovering layer by layer, my issues, which are complex. Each time, never feeling rushed, always feeling that I mattered. I felt an immediate positive connection. I was with someone whose expertise, understanding, and compassion, created a safe place for me to be.

Counseling with Susan Drysdale is beginning to give me a new way of viewing my challenges. I know the road is long, but I also know the strides I have made in just a few short weeks.

I am grateful for having been led to this person, someone who respects me, someone who raises my awareness so I am able to respect myself, as low self esteem is one of my many issues. Today, I am more confident than I have been in years. Today, I realize I have worth. Today, I know that I still have much more to do in this world. Today I know the help I am getting is exactly right for me. I thank Susan for believing in me, I thank her for her gentle guidance.

When I found myself transitioning from a spouse to a caregiver for my husband, I didn’t know how much emotional turmoil I was entering into.

When in the midst of “just doing it”, you aren’t aware of how much stress you’re under until you hit a wall. That happened to me at the same time my husband was trying to cope and deal with a very difficult medical diagnosis.

The day I met Susan Drysdale is the day my life changed for the better. I spoke to my husband about meeting a therapist with whom I had an immediate connection. I felt that I could talk to her about the stress and difficulties we were experiencing. He immediately said he wanted to meet her as well.

We met with Susan and she started us on a self-awareness journey that we could not have possibly found by ourselves. We embraced her with an open mind and she has helped us verbalize our feelings and fears and has guided us in understanding our thoughts, moods, and behaviors.

Now we are in a better place in our lives with a clearer understanding of how to express our frustrations, fears, and love for each other. Susan is compassionate above all else and we feel understood by her. She doesn’t just address the symptoms, but also the causes of the problems. Knowing the causes is very powerful if you want to move forward.

We no longer feel like we are all alone in our situation. As seniors we are dealing with a transitional stage in our lives. Susan has been indispensable in helping us find our way towards an action plan for coping and changing.

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