Susan Drysdale, PhD

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Grief and Loss

Are you having trouble dealing with a loss in your life? (read more)

Coping with Illness

Are you trying to cope with a difficult medical diagnosis? (read more)

Stress-related Symptoms

Do you think that your emotions are worsening your physical problems? (read more)


Are you suffering from depression? (read more)


Are you suffering with anxiety? (read more)

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Senior Citizen Issues

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of aging? (read more)

Caregiver Stress

Are you overwhelmed by the responsibilities of a new caregiving role? (read more)


Are you having trouble adjusting to a new phase in your life? (read more)

Relationship Problems

Are you trying to resolve serious relationship issues? (read more)

Recovering from Substance Abuse

Do you need help remaining clean and sober? (read more)

I work with individuals (adults and senior citizens), couples, and groups.

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